Small talk at the hotel bar

Hotel bars are – like all other bars too – the perfect location to socialise. A relaxed ambiance, an agreeable atmosphere and excellent cocktails make it particularly simple for many people to get in contact with others. What follows then is an easy-going and nevertheless interested small talk. But how does the informal chat actually work?

Tip #1: The start

Every beginning is hard – all the more when you don't know yet the conversational partner. However, it is not an impossible task to start a conversation with somebody in a hotel bar. You just have to know how it works. The start is most simple when the other person is alone in the bar (too). Then you can approach this person with the argument “together we are less alone”. But please ask directly at the beginning of the conversation if a companionship is welcome or if he or she prefers to stay alone. There is nothing more counterproductive then a constrained conversation.

Tip #2: The topics of conversation

If your interlocutor shows a honest interest, the most difficult step is already done. Now you have to begin a lively chat and to keep the dynamic of the conversation running. You will succeed best with this if you lead the conversation in a self-confident way from one subject to another and avoid consciously dropping different clangers.

These topics are especially suited for a small talk in the hotel bar:

  • weather
  • the reason of the journey
  • the city where the hotel is located
  • the city from where you or your conversational partner come(s) from


Important: Please always show interest and don't let seduce you to narcissistic monologues. An stimulating conversation always lives from different speakers. Therefore, don't fail to ask repeatedly if your interlocutor for example turns out to be shy. To not make the small talk abruptly stop, it is also important that you shrewdly avoid certain topics.

To the no-go subjects of small talk count among others:

  • politics
  • religion
  • private matters


Not that it were false or even forbidden to talk about these topics. However, they are always potential pitfalls that can lead to unpleasant disputes or moments of embarrassing silence. Therefore this rule always applies: Avoid these topics as far as possible and chat about harmless and “light” topics instead.

Tip #3: Avoid speech breaks

One of the biggest problems in small talk are undoubtedly uncomfortable pauses where the conversation comes to a halt. To avoid this, it helps if you have always one or two alternative plans. For example, consider an interested question which  you can ask if the conversation is likely to stop. Alternatively, you can also simply make a general remark about the city or the hotel bar and therewith encourage your interlocutor to state his or her opinion.

If you have no spontaneous idea at all, it always helps to bring the unpleasant situation up directly. A sentence like “Do you also think that these speech breaks are somehow strange?” is not only honest but shows also that you are an easy-going person with a sense of humour. Your conversational partner surely will thank you for your uncomplicated manner to handle the situation and reward your courage with a sincere smile. 

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