Hotel Bars – not only allowed for hotel guests

The myth that only guests of the respective hotels are welcome in and permitted to visit a hotel bar persists. But this belief is obsolete long ago. Nearly all hotel bars are also open for external visitors and offer a rich selection of drinks but also buffets and particular offers for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

An evening at the hotel bar

Who checks in into a hotel and likes to pass the time in a hotel bar, has usually informed himself in advance about the respective bar.  But those who are not hotel guests often don't even know the hotel bar, let alone the offer which is partly also valid for visitors from outside the hotel.

For this reason, we want to break the myth which says that only hotel guests have access to the hotel bar. 

Visitors in a bar at the hotel

If you are hotel guest yourself, maybe you have sometimes already met friends or acquaintances near the hotel bar. No problem – nobody will be bothered by this, let alone ask if you or your companion(s) actually are hotel guests.

The mere fact that you surely were never asked if you are permitted to access a hotel bar already shows that they in general are open for all visitors.

Your friends as well as your acquaintances but also all other – even individual –  guests are allowed to visit the hotel bar and make use of the choice of meals and drinks.

Special offers of the bars

In many hotels there are not only offered drinks at the bars, but also snacks and complete meals. Partly there are even hotels in which visitors can sign up for the breakfast buffet that is normally prepared only for hotel guests.

But even this is not exclusive, as long as there are capacities and the breakfast buffet has been booked at the reception desk (respectively is also offered by the hotel).

Party tip in the evening 

However, for most people a hotel bar doesn't represent a location to snack, but rather a perfect contact point for the next friday or saturday evening. When the bars in the city are once again overcrowded with students or tourists, a hotel bar is often a real alternative – and on top of that an absolute insider tip.

The ambience is exalted, very elegant and glamorous – depending on the bar also casual and relaxed. You decide in which atmosphere you want to spend your evening and can not only choose between the bars of the city, but also from a selection of fancy hotel bars near by.



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