Children in hotel bars – a guide for families in hotel bars

Whether smokers or pet owners – many people don't have it easy at restaurants and bars. Also families belong to the target groups which should at least keep an eye on what is allowed, welcome or even forbidden when stopping at a gastronomic establishment. Although hotel bars are truly not the right place to relax for families with children from 20 o'clock, they invite to stay and take a rest there in the daytime – for the whole family. 

A relaxed evening

As a new mother you know the feeling: All female friends meet for dinner and only the diapers of the baby are in the focus. However, it is not always necessary to renounce visiting a bar in a relaxed way. Whether restaurant or hotel bar – babies and little children are in most cases not a disruptive factor at all.

In this context, that are often mothers who are very anxious that their own child could be a disruptive factor for other guests. But we can assure you: Many of the guests have themselves children and appreciate your courage to take care of relaxation even with a child.

Of course there are always attendees who consider mothers or fathers respectively families as undesirable guests. But in the hotel bar itself the baby or a little child is always welcome and also tolerated without any difficulty.

Respect the age limits

If you visit a private event or generally hold private meetings, the law for protection of the youth is not relevant for you. - You as the parent have to ensure that your child is treaten, served and laid into the bed according to his age.

However, if you stay in public – what also includes hotel bars – you are subject to the law for protection of the youth. This law defines at which location underage persons are permitted to stay until which times.

How long are you allowed to stay in the hotel bar with a child?

The good news: Basically, there is no limitation regarding for how long you can visit a hotel bar with your child. In theory, you can stay until the end of the opening hours. However, there are certain restrictions:

  • The hotel bar has the domiciliary right, which means that it can determine particular times in which children under a certain age are not more allowed to be present in the hotel bar or only in company with an adult (which is always the case with babies)
  • For you too, there surely comes the point up to a certain time where you don't want to stay voluntarily at the hotel bar at 22 o'clock while your baby cries loudly in the buggy. However, if your child tends to sleep like a log and sleeps for example in a baby sling, a visit at the hotel bar is not excluded (if allowed)

Please inform yourself in advance at the hotel bar until which time your children can accompany you there without any difficulty. In some cases, there are no limitations, in other cases it is requested that children should not more be present in the hotel bar after 20, 21 or 22 o'clock. 

However, in the daytime a hotel bar is a perfect place to go for mothers and fathers who want for example to relax and recreate after an extensive shopping or park tour. 

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Children in hotel bars – a guide for families in hotel bars

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